FAQs – ilovechamoy

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What’s chamoy?


Chamoy is a sweet, tangy, and spicy Mexican sauce that's amazing on fruit, vegetables, drinks, and a million other things.

What makes I Love Chamoy different?

We use a proprietary blend of chile peppers native from Mexico, including cayenne pepper and ancho chiles to get the perfect amount of spice. We use monkfruit as a natural sugar substitute to get all the sweetness without any of the sugar.

How does one eat I Love Chamoy?

Try I Love Chamoy on your favorite fruits, vegetables, candy, chips, drinks, pizza (yes, pizza!), and anything else your heart desires. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more I Love Chamoy creation ideas.

Who can eat I Love Chamoy?

I Love Chamoy is free from allergens, carbohydrates and sugars, and is suitable for low-sugar diets. Our product is loved and enjoyed by people following low-sugar and keto diets, as well as by people just looking for a delicious chamoy.

Wait, if I Love Chamoy is sweet does it mean there’s sugar in it?

There is no sugar in I Love Chamoy. Instead, we use monk fruit, a small subtropical melon with a naturally sweet taste without any calories from sugar.

What are the ingredients and allergens?


Our ingredient list is:

- Chile pepper mix
- Lime powder
- Salt
- Citric acid
- Xanthan gum
- Monk fruit
- Sodium benzoate
- Red 40

I Love Chamoy is free from allergens.

Is I Love Chamoy suitable for people who want to manage their sugar intake?

If your goal is to regulate your blood sugar levels, I Love Chamoy can be a great option as it is completely sugar-free.

Is I Love Chamoy a perishable product? How should it be stored?

I Love Chamoy has a shelf life of 6 months unopened. The product must be refrigerated after opening.

Do you have any tips for launching my own sauce or product?

Yes! This whole process has been such an exciting journey and we're sharing it all on our Instagram and TikTok. Give us a follow for BTS on how to launch your own business or product. Looking for something we don't have? DM us and we'll help you out.